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An “End Rack” typically refers to a shelving unit positioned at the end of an aisle or row in a retail or storage setting. This specialized rack serves as a convenient display or storage solution, optimizing the use of space and providing easy access to items while enhancing visibility within the environment.

Mesh Back Gondola Racking System

Mesh back racking units are lighter duty than pegboard and slat wall models, making them an ideal gondola racking option for smaller stores and discount stores as well as retailers who are searching for a less costly purchase. Although mesh systems are cheaper than other gondola displays and metal racking, they are no less versatile. They are available in a variety of designs and also are compatible with all shelving accessories including wire baskets, hang-sell hooks, shelf dividers, and front fences. The lightness of the mesh frame makes this model particularly easy to move around the store, so is extra convenient for retailers who like to alter the shop layout frequently.

End Gondola Rack

Gondola End Bays

Separate units known as end bays function as end caps for double-side rows of shelving, positioned outward at ninety degrees. They serve to advertise special offers, seasonal or temporary stock, sale items and displays showcasing specific themes. Additionally, they extend a gondola display while occupying minimal space. End bays suit all shelving systems, seamlessly blending with standard shelving units to maintain the store’s layout and ambiance.

End Gondola Rack

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