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Bakery Cash Counter by BARI Engineering  is known for its Quality and latest trendy display styles according to today’s upcoming retail chain departmental stores. We always keep in mind that our display racks should be as beautiful and convenient which doubles the charm of your ambiance. Here we are displaying only few types of Bakery Cash Counter models.

Display counter/stand are design to display objects through one side and have them accessible through the other. For this reason, the counter displays are most relevant for retail stores. The middle floor counter built to display objects from all sides, are meant to place in the middle of the room. Display counters meant to against a wall, where the products are display and access from the same side. Custom display stands can elevate your brand in new ways.

By being in front of the consumer, you are there for them even if your product runs out. Imagine a service that put you in front of your ideal market 24/7 and never complained about it. That’s exactly what custom point of purchase displays do for you. Many different materials use to make display counter. Imagine being able to find the perfect hue to celebrate your ideal product placement.

Increasing revenue is important for any business, and display stands for retail can play into the flow of how people buy. So even though online sales are increasing, you’re putting yourself in a better situation in physical block and mortar retail stores, where someone can actually walk in, see, and buy your product.

Advantages Of Cash Counter

  • Display counter are space-saving
  • Best possible positioning of the displays on counters and tables
  • Display counter are flexible in terms of shape, material & features
  • Lead to spontaneous purchases
  • These are ideal for small products

Features Of Shop counter

  • Front open glass for better cleaning
  • Frost free design
  • Compact built


Bari Steel Racks - Cash Counter (1).jpg




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