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Introduction to Plastic Strips:

Plastic strips serve a multitude of purposes across various industries and applications. These versatile strips, made from durable materials, offer flexibility, protection, and customization. From acting as barriers to providing insulation, their adaptability makes them an integral component in numerous settings, including industrial, commercial, and household environments.

Plastic Strips

Product Specification

Color : Multicolor

Brand Imported

Thickness 0.80

Length 870m


  • Size: 40 mm High
  • Transparency: Transparent card
  • Label height:40 mm

Product Description:

Introducing our Transparent Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Data Strips, a Handy solution for effective data display and organization. Our high-quality Plastic strips are designed to enhance efficiency and streamline operations in various industries. With their transparent design and durable construction, these strips offer a reliable solution for clear and visible data presentation.

Plastic Strips

Handy Applications:

Our transparent strips find applications in a wide range of industries, including retail, supermarkets, warehouses, and libraries. They can be used for product labeling, pricing information, shelf organization, or cataloging books and media. The adaptability of these strips makes them a valuable tool for any business looking to enhance data display and organization.

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