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Open Shelf Rack

Open Shelf Rack used for storing goods and materials. These are adjustable metal racks and the height of the shelves is customized as per suitability and also a requirement. These Metal racks are built from robust metal that provides stability as well as longevity to the product.


Advantages of Open Shelf Rack

  • All pieces darted together using the current spaces as well as gaps to make strong racking and capacity frameworks, without the requirement for penetrating new openings.
  • Also, No particular instruments are required for the development.
  • Especially reusable – littler pieces are easily used to make longer pieces, just by blasting them together.
  • Existing structures were effortlessly destroyed, then new structures were revamped from similar materials
  • Opened Angle is a savvy approach to assembling an entire large number of various structures.

It is particularly Cheap, solid as well as  simple to introduce

Opened Angle uprights utilized as a part of conjunction with steel racks to very conservative racking arrangements.

Effectively cut is also created into custom structures, thus Perfect for both indoor and open-air usage.


Sloted Angle Rack

Indutrial Storage Rack



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