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Hanging Display Racks Widely used in departmental stores, shops, offices, showrooms, malls, and homes, Hanging Display Racks provide versatile storage solutions. Also known as Display Hanger Racks, these assemble quickly with included fasteners and hardware. Caster wheels feature a locking system for stability.


Hanging Display Rack



Our Hanging Display Racks offer fully customizable retail space that’s portable. We design and manufacture displays for various products like household items, automotive products, hardware, stores, publishing, and literature. Hanging display racks repurpose building features like structural columns and channels into functional spots for merchandise. Our product range boasts high durability, low maintenance, attractive looks, and various sizes for versatile usage. The features of our Hanging Display Racks include long-lasting polish, high flexibility, quality bearings, easy assembly, and different load capacities (light duty: 50-200kg, medium duty:

200-800kg, heavy duty: 500-2000kg).

They offer an attractive appearance, ease of management, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

 Features Of Hanging Display Rack

  • Long-lasting polish and in different sizes.
  • High Flexible
  • High-quality bearings
  • Clam assembled
  • Load capacity (Light duty: 50-200kg, Medium duty: 200-800kg, Heavy duty: 500-2000kg)
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Metal racks
  • Wide Range
  • Attractive Look
  • As well as it is easy to manage
  • Reliable
  • It is also Cost effective

Hanging Display Rack

Advantages Of Hanging Display Rack

  • High tensile strength
  • Hanging display racks are removed easily if it becomes necessary to relocate them.
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Also helpful in the easy retrieval of goods
  • Attractive look and easy installation




Hanging Display Rack

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