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Hanging Display Racks are widely use in departmental store, shops, office complex, showrooms, malls, homes, etc. for storage purposes. It is also known as Display Hanger Rack. These display hanger rack assembles in a few minutes, all fasteners and hardware included, and caster wheels feature a locking system to keep your unit in place on the floor.


These hanging display racks being creates fully customize able retail display space that’s completely portable Hanging display has designed and also manufactured hanging displays for a variety of products, as well as Household stuff, automotive products, Hardware, Stores, Publishing and also Literature.

Hanging display racks turn common building features like structural columns and medium channels or pipe into functional spots for merchandising products. The product range that we offer has high durability also requires less maintenance. These display hanger rack are hanging from ceilings to communicate your advertising messages and also attract consumer attention. Used in retail environments as well as at advertising events, eye-catching hanging displays allows brands to differentiate themselves over the competition and also drive increased sales.

Hanging display racks are specially made for industrial use which take much load than other normal slotted angle racks. It contain shelves which are of high quality also can take much more load than a normal shelve, use in garment retail store, garment exhibitions, events and also in fashion shows , comes with heavy duty castors at base for easily movement. These display hanger rack allows you to display different kind of things, make these racks flexible and also avoid causing troubles widely demand in various part of the country as well as for various garment shelving. 

 Features Of Hanging Display Rack

  • Long lasting polish and in different sizes.
  • High Flexible
  • High quality bearings
  • Clam assembled
  • Load capacity (Light duty: 50-200kg, Medium duty: 200-800kg, Heavy duty: 500-2000kg)
  • Attractive
  • Durable
  • Metal racks
  • Wide Range
  • Attractive Look
  • As well as it is easy to manage
  • Reliable
  • It is also Cost effective

Display Hanger Rack

Advantages Of Hanging Display Rack

  • High tensile strength
  • Hanging display racks remove easily if it becomes necessary to relocate them.
  • Optimum space utilization
  • Excellent storage capacity
  • Also helpful in easy retrieval of goods
  • Attractive look and easy installation

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