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                                                   Super Store Rack

Gondola Racks are versatile freestanding fixtures used in retail for merchandise display. They consist of a flat base and a vertical component with shelves, hooks, or other displays. Gondola Shelving can be arranged end-to-end for rows or used as stand-alone units for themed displays.

Features of Gondola Racks and gondola shelving

    • Easy assembly and disassembly
    • Compatibility with various accessories
    • Versatility in usage
    • Affordable pricing
    • Increased shelving options with the flexibility
    • Strategic placement of goods

Advantages of Gondola Racks

    • Easy installation and customization
    • Attractive displays with various accessories
    • Flexible shelf adjustments for optimal product showcasing
    • Affordable investment
    • Efficient use of vertical space with customizable shelving
    • Sturdy construction supports heavy items
    • Strategic placement and organization of goods
    • Versatile and available in different sizes and colors

Types of Gondola Racks

    • Flat Metal Pegboard Shelving
      • Eye-catching white powder coat finish
      • Ideal for lighter hang-sell merchandising
      • Suitable for various retail outlets
      • Available in different designs and configurations
      • Average shelf loads up to 40kg


Double Side Gondola rack


Gondola Shelving rack

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