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Storing fabric and Yarn within a stockroom requires a specific style of shelving that provides enough depth to cope with long rolls of cloth also material. Fabric Roll Storage Racks have a close relation to carpet racking. This type of storage system is built from our standard heavy-duty components. To achieve the required shelf depth two shelving bays are positioned one behind the other. Large sheets of chipboard bridge the gap between them, creating a nice flat surface for the fabric rolls and Yarn to easily slide in and out of the rack. 

Many of the shelving bays shown here were designed to include varying post heights that match the sloping angle of the roof, improving the overall capacity of the racking system

Fabric Roll Storage Racks and Yarn Storage Racks are usually bespoke to each installation, please contact us to find out how our cost-effective fabric storage solutions and Yarn Storage Solutions can help improve your stockroom or store area.


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Features of Fabric Roll And Yarn Storage Racks

The large fabric racks for storing rolls and Yarn racks for storing bundles can be customized to fit your exact needs, but the key features of the racks include:

  • Reducing the amount of used floor space by using overhead vertical storage
  • Protecting patio shade materials from damage brought by handling and conventional storage
  • Ease of use by positioning long rolls of fabric at the cutting workstation table for operators
  • Reducing money lost on worker compensation because of injury caused by lifting
  • Loading the fabric rolls can easily be done by one person
  • Push-button controls for easy operation
  • Added security with a security keypad to prevent unauthorized access

Advantages of Fabric Roll And Yarn Storage Racks

  • The rolls are easy to use and also can store long fabric rolls and Yarn bundles.
  • It also reduces the amount of used floor space
  • The rolls and bundles can be easily loaded onto the pallet. Therefore, it saves time and prevents any injuries to workers.
  • Textile roll storage and Yarn Bundles have to be completed without damaging the roll and bundle materials. As a fabric roll storage system, and Yarn Bundle Storage System, cradle pallets can ensure that textile materials are in the best condition for manufacturing.
  • Support for rolls and bundles up to 28” OD and 1,200 lbs.
  • Measure and cut directly from the carousel.
  • Simple design and operation, as well as easy-to-use controls.
  • Durable & aesthetic powder-coated finish.
  • A safer work environment by reducing potentially dangerous steps for storing materials that can be rolled.
  • No need for employees to walk, lift, bend, or drag materials across your warehouse.
  • Minimal effort for roll changes or adjustments, allowing your team to operate efficiently and quickly when filling complex or large orders.


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