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Cage Pallets , also known as metal stillage, encompass a variety of metal storage containers which are used to store items that may then be stacked onto a pallet. Pallet cages to secure materials on pallets during storage and distribution. A long-lasting and cost-efficient alternative to packaging, they fold flat for easy storage and come in a range of sizes, configurations and types.Roll cage trolley can be ideal for a number of commercial environments such as warehouses, factories and catering establishments. We also Manufecture high Qulity of  Plastic Skids.

A sample of Transport Cage Pallets


Features of Metal Stillage

  • Security
  • Easy Stacking and Handling
  • Saves Space

Advantages of Metal Stillage

  • Ensuring that the goods are not damaged in any way is one of the primary goal of any warehouse or shipping company. Cages pallet helps keep secure goods against pilferage and tampering during storage and transport.
  • Cages pallet are design to have stackable feet for easy storage and also makes the transportation of goods much easier. To make sure that these cages can move without any hassle, forklift entry points are place in the bottom. With this, one can efficiently organize and pick up store products without consuming more time. These cages can be transport by forklift or pallet jack and can be stack up in trucks for as high as 4 when empty and 2 when load.
  • Stackable cages not only help keep your goods in place but it also helps in saving space for storage and transport. Because of its stacking ability, one can stack up as many cages as possible depending on the warehouse space. Some cages have a foldable feature where you can better maximize your storage space. Stackable folding cages have the benefit of being able to be quickly dismantle to save valuable space and provide cost saving, efficient transport.

Types of Cage Pallets

  • Heavy Duty Collapsible Cage Pallets

These are strong type of cages which are best for the use of transportation and carrying goods from one place to another. These pallet cages are capable enough to store heavy and high weighted products without any harm or disadvantage. Also, these have gates which can be easily remove and the cage can be empty for taking out the goods when required. These are thus the best cages and suitable for using all the heavy goods and transporting them easily from one place to another, inside or outside an industry.

  • Transport Cage Pallets

These are another best and efficient type of pallet cages which are extremely easy to transport and handle. For knocks and stacking lifting cycles find in transport and other ware house equipment these are the best solution and are prefer the most. They have unique and acceptable design which provides the best storing and containing solution for which these pallets are widely use.

Cage Pallets


  • Multi-Purpose Cage Pallets

When it comes to storing and containing there are a lot of goods and items which need to store with different varieties and types. There is absolutely no limit to the type and kind of products use. It is thus necessary to use a cage that can use for multiple purposes and can effectively use. These pallet cages are one of the best ways which can use for storing pipe fittings, cartons, stacks, valves, tools and motors. These are thus called multi-purpose pallets as the same kind of pallets can use for various purposes.

  • Easy Store Cage Pallets

Easy storage pallet cages are an easy and efficient way of storing pallets with heavy duty metal cage. Which is bolt on 8 board hardwood timber which makes these pallets suitable enough for long term use. These cage pallets are highly efficient, stackable, safe and easy use. When it comes to ware house options these are one of the best ways of storing and using in ware house for better use. These stacking pallet racks are thus very easy and efficient to use and take care of.


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