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The shopping roller basket holds more than traditional hand baskets so customers are more likely to purchase additional items. Rolling shopping baskets provide a more comfortable and relaxed shopping experience. These shopping roller baskets are used for many purposes. The roller baskets are great for any retail, stock, and storage application. There are two wheels, only on the back of the Shopping cart. You must raise the handle and tip the Shopping cart back to roll it.  That makes it nice and constant when it’s set back down in a balanced, horizontal position


Supermarket Shopping Roller Basket


The wheels themselves appear to be solid, hard rubber, about 2 and a half inches in diameter and over an inch wide, and strong. The wheelie baskets offer an easier and more comfortable shopping experience to your customers, who will spend more time and more money in-store. Two large urethane wheels with actual bearings for easy movement even when fully loaded. The flat bottom surface of the shopping rolling basket is easy to clean and perfect for organizing the baskets in a space-saving and nested stack. Made of high-impact polypropylene that is fade, dirt, and impact resistant. Shopping roller baskets are nestable when not in use for compact storage.

Extra large label and logo front panel for clear identification. Overall height with extended handle is 35-1/2″H. Shopping Baskets with wheels are similar to shopping roller baskets but at a lower price. They are smaller (38 liters) but feature similar retractable pull-up handles, carry handles, and twin wheels for easy maneuverability. The smaller size and lighter weight construction make them perfect for smaller retailers looking for a cheaper roller basket. These shopping roller baskets are most recommended by medium to larger retailers including smaller convenience stores, like gourmet food stores, gift shops, and smaller pharmacies and hardware stores.

Feature Of Shopping Roller Basket

  • Non-toxic plastic.
  • Two handle options for comfort, With 510 mm telescopic handle and carry handle. 
  • Adjustable pull-up handle to wheel the basket or a standard handle to carry the basket.
  • These baskets are stackable for easy storage.
  • Shopping roller baskets are Available in multiple colors.
  • Each rolling shopping basket has many capabilities to put things.
  • Also available in medium-sized shopping roller baskets with wheels.

Advantages Of Shopping Roller Basket

  • The appearance of the shopping roller basket is fine and attractive.
  • Make customers enjoy every shopping.
  • Ideal for any retailer.


Shopping Roller Basket


Shopping Roller Basket


Shopping Roller Basket


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