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Bari engineering is a professional manufacturer of industrial storage racks in Lahore Pakistan. We are well known as a steel racks manufacturer in Pakistan , offer good quality and very competitive prices from among all others rack manufacturers in Pakistan. Bari engineering is a reliable rack manufacturers in Lahore. We manufacture all type of storage and display racks like, adjustable steel rack, cantilever racking, steel pallet racks, industrial racking, industrial shelving, metal shelving, metal storage rack, heavy duty shelving, slotted angle racks and metal shelving unit  for all type of industrial usage and storage racks, steel racks for warehouse. and very happy to hear from you, contact us if you are looking for best quality and very competitive prices for all type of industrial storage racks and for warehouse adjustable steel racking solution.

Why Bari Engineering for Industrial Storage Racks ?

If you are looking for best steel racks manufacturer in Pakistan, then no need to wonder you are at right place. Our professional internal organizational structure is key to make sure correctly and on time delivery for every single fabrication project of storage racks. The organizational structure play very effective role to fabricate and make sure delivery on time for every single fabrication project of industrial racking

Why Industrial Storage Racks ?

Industrial racking is your key to mange well organised products storage solution even in low available space and make sure quick access to stored items in industry and warehouse. Steel racks for warehouse is very suitable solution to mange storage of bulk items. We hope you will find Bari Engineering as your reliable manufacturer and supplier, among all other steel racks manufacturer in Pakistan. Contact us for your any customized storage rack design.

Check below our range of products for industrial storage racks.
Slotted Angle Rack

Iron Rack

Iron Racks are everywhere these days: Metal racks for storing…

Cosmetic Display Rack

Adjustable Steel Rack

Adjustable Steel Rack: Discover the versatility of the Adjustable Steel…

Tyre Store Pallet Racking

Tyre Rack

The Tyre Rack is perfect for tire shops, car dealerships,…

Boltless Rack

Metal Shelving

Discover our high-quality Metal Shelving Rack, featuring a galvanized metal…

Boltless Racks

Bolt Less Racks

Bolt Less Racks, also known as boltless shelving rivet shelving…

Heavy Duty Racks

Heavy Duty Racks / Shelving unit is particularly constructed and…

Stainless Steel Rack

Stainless Steel Racks

  Stainless steel racks are stylish and the most trendy…

Files Rack

Record Room Rack

Record Room Racks: Introducing our Record Room Rack: a purpose-built…

Wall Channel Rack

Wall Channel Racks

Wall Channel Racks: Space-saving storage solutions for efficient organization and…

Hanging Display Rack

Hanging Display Rack

Hanging Display Racks Widely used in departmental stores, shops, offices, showrooms,…

Shelf Rack

Shelving Rack

  Space is a big problem facing many people. Proper…

Files Rack

File Racks

  Paper is one of the most challenging types of…

Plastic Bin Box Racks

Plastic Bin Box Racks

Plastic Corp can carry an extensive line of storage bins…

Crockery Racks

    Crockery Racks Kitchen plate racks and crockery racks…

Textile Industrial Racks

Textile Industrial Racks store Fabric stands within a stockroom and requires…

Didn’t see the item you need listed above? Give us a call for a custom quote! Call now 0302-4448392

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