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Secondary containment spill pallet

A spill pallet is a specialized structure designed to facilitate the safe handling of goods using machinery like front loaders, forklifts, and jacks. These pallets are predominantly made from environmentally friendly materials such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP), including recycled variants. When choosing spill pallets, important factors to consider include load capacity, style, deck type, material composition, and temperature resistance. 

Secondary containment spill pallet

These plastic pallets offer numerous advantages, 

such as UV stability, customizable design options, recyclability, strong load-bearing capabilities, resistance to weather and chemicals, dimensional stability, lightweight nature compared to wood pallets, compliance with ISPM 15 standards, and imperviousness to weak acids, alkalis, and moisture.

 By investing in spill pallets, you can benefit from their long lifespan, recyclability, easy maintenance, lightweight construction for cost-effective shipping, space-saving stackable designs, safety features like no splinters or sharp edges, customization options, exemption from ISPM 15 regulations, chemical and weather resistance, and easy handling with 4-way forklift entry.

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