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How long does flea toxicity last

Flea toxicity usually lasts from 4-12 weeks after the initial flea infestation. Though there are many factors that can influence how long it lasts such as, temperature and humidity levels, type of product used to get rid of the fleas, number of fleas in the environment, general condition of the host, etc.

It is also important to note that fleas have a life cycle with different stages associated with each cycle in which your pet or home can still be re-infested. After getting rid of the initial infestation it is essential to continue treating against the mental cycle.

Treating against flea re-infestations with over-the-counter preventive products like shampoos, spot ons, foggers and sprays are recommended. Veterinarians can also provide prescriptions for more powerful monthly preventives like topical NexGard or Comfortis/Trifexis/Sentinel as they ideally last longer between doses.

Keeping on top of your pet’s preventive treatments is essential for limiting future exposure to flea re-infestations.


This depends on a few factors, including the type and amount of product used, the size of your pet, and their age. Generally speaking, flea toxicity can last anywhere from a few hours to several days. To reduce the risk of flea toxicity in your pets, be sure to use EPA-approved products according to package directions and consult with your vet for advice on safely treating your pet for fleas. Additionally you should perform flea combing outdoors rather than indoors as this will keep any pesticide dust contained. the duration of flea toxicity varies based on a variety of factors including the type and amount of product used as well as the size and age of your pet. By familiarizing yourself with flea products available, following package directions closely and consulting with your vet when necessary, you can help keep your pet safe from flea-borne illnesses.

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