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Plastic Shopping Basket

A Plastic Shopping Basket/Hand carry basket used for carrying purchases home or before paying for them in a shop. Shopping Baskets/Steel basket are an essential part of any retail shop, the outlet also newsagents, your customer will desire to take products from your shelf and also transport them around your store easily. Here you will find a wide selection of Steel baskets. Attention is given to their selection.

Features of Plastic Shopping Basket

  • Shopping trolley basket with two handles.
  • Easily stack-able.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Ideally suitable for marts, departmental stores.
  • Made with PVC.
  • Ideal for customers who needs to buy small stuff.
  • Standard capacity 27 liters.
  • Durable and comfortable for the retail environment.
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Designs also
  • A Safer Choice
  • Designed for Success
  • Improved shopping experience – lighter, more manageable.
  • Safer –  because they are made of plastic, the risk of injury and damage through collisions is minimized
  • Better looking – brighter colors, cleaner, rust-free – it all makes your store look better and helps to promote your brand

Advantages of Plastic Shopping Basket

  • Any decor and superior construction convey quality to your customers. 
  •  The one piece of heavy-duty plastic basket can be molded with up to 10 colors. All plastic baskets, handles have UV added protection.
  • Areas for store name and logo.
  • Will not rust, bend, need welding in metal parts, and heavy-duty design will not crack.
  • The free design offered as long as you requested.
  • Larger lower area welded lower tray for bulk products 50% more selling space.
  • Plastic shopping baskets with wheels is easy to pull, save energy.
  • Plastic carts are less likely to be stolen and will reduce your loss in high theft areas.
  • Carts are made in China at a reasonable price.

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