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Some Of Our Wardrobe Cabinets









Wardrobe Cabinet and racks are designed specifically for businesses that need to store hanging clothing, theater costumes and also outfits, school marching band uniforms, athletic jerseys, the military also police TA-50 gear, lab coats, and church choir robes as well as vestment attire. We also customize your shelving with locking doors to make them secure Uniform Hanging Cabinets, add drawers for shoes or folded items, or other accessories to accommodate your specific needs. A staff locker is a small, usually narrow storage compartment. They are commonly found in dedicated cabinets, very often in large numbers, in various public places such as locker rooms, workplaces, middle and high schools, transport hub and the like. They vary in size, purpose, construction, and security. A gym locker is another option of Wardrobe Cabinets.

Furthermore,Wardrobe Cabinets is describe the top cabinet suspended above the counter space, opposed to base cabinets sit on the floor. The height of Wardrobe CabinetsCabinets standardized at 30 inches,the growing popularity of staggered wall cabinet designs has created a need for additional height options. Now, cabinets purchased in 40, 24, 18, 15, 12 inch heights. Width varies between nine and 48 inches in increments of 3 inches.

Features Of Wardrobe Cabinets

  • Especially, Designed with You in Mind
  • No Particle Board also Medium-Density Fiberboard
  • Small Toe Kick
  • As well as Adjustable Shelves
  • Strong Drawer Construction
  • Full-Size Drawers
  • Drawer Extensions
  • Fine Finis

Advantages Of Wardrobe Cabinets

  • Freedom of Choice: Colors, Styles as well as Special Features
  • They are also Custom Made to Suit YOU
  • An Investment into your Home
  • Quality of Workmanship
  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Wood Cabinet Variety
  • Customization

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