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Shopping Trolleys known by a variety of other names, is a cart supply by a shop, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the shop for transport of merchandise to checkout counter during shopping. Many cases customers can also use cart to transport purchased goods to their vehicles, but some carts are design to prevent them from leaving the shop.

In many places in the United State and also in the United Kingdom, customers are allow to leave the carts in designated areas within the parking lot, and store personnel will return the carts to the storage area.

Studies have shown that it is advisable for shoppers to sanitize the handles and basket areas prior to handling them or filling them with groceries due to high levels of bacteria that typically live on shopping carts. This is due to the carts having high level of exposure to  skin flora of past users.

Features of shopping trolleys

  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Designs also
  • A Safer Choice
  • Improved shopping experience – lighter, more manageable.

Advantages of shopping trolleys

  • Unique and fully branded design
  • Very important design for success i.e Responsive design
  • Shopping trolley is lighter and more manageable
  •  lighter, more manageable
  • Better looking
  • The shopping trolley is a key element of the retail environment
  • Giving your customers a better shopping experience which will encourage store loyalty and higher in store spend.
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