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Mobile Tool Trolley  are design and built for mobile tool storage or wheeled working chests of drawers, is ideal alongside operating machines and also ensure easier maintenance of machinery in the various shop departments. A clever Tools Trolleys design guarantees fast, safe also tidy equipment handling.Tool holder chests of drawers with wheels have internal slotted uprights with 25 mm pitch which, in addition to strengthening the units, facilitate the integration of extensible drawers with plain or telescopic extension options, depending on the required capacity.All drawers have a perforated bottom and slotted walls, so then it is possible to divide the internal space in a simple and rational way by using accessories to optimize the drawer volume.

The tool trolley are derive from the MASTER, STANDARD and FLEXA industrial drawer chest, to which lower frames are applied, while their motion is controlled by two pairs of wheels, one fixed and one swivelling with brakes, and by the practical handles.

Features Of Mobile Tool Trolley

  • Strong handles for easy action
  • Central locking with cylindrical key
  • Even load distribution while opening and closing
  • Bottom big cabinet for heavy tools
  • Stable standing secured by locking castors
  • Robust wheel design to protect from toppling
  • Heavy duty Rubber/PU wheels
  • Electro powder coating for better paint life
  • 30 to 70 kgs. Load capacity per drawer depending on drawer size.

Advantages Of Mobile Tool Trolley

  1. Achieving Greater Efficiency

The faster you can locate, load and also transport items the more efficient your service is. Efficiency is essential to prevent a logjam at loading bays, which would delay distribution significantly. In large warehouses, trolleys make it easier to transport more boxes at a time:

  • Reducing journeys over distances
  • Shortening overall loading time
  1. Reduce Operational Costs

With item move with greater efficiency, a warehouse’s overall operational cost is reduce. This is related to time taken to complete orders: with more completed per man-hour, the higher the revenue per man-hour. Since trolleys play a key role in achieving that efficiency; they also have a definite influence over operational costs.

  1. Prevent Workplace Injuries

Warehouse trolleys’ contribution to safer working environment is perhaps their biggest benefit. According to the latest available figures from Safe Work Australia and research carried out by

  • 8 workplace injuries per 1,000 workers were reported in 2011-2012
  • This led to 8,450 serious injury compensation claims

Trolleys are an ideal way to reduce muscle stress, the biggest form of injury (42.4%) caused by lifting and moving objects.

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