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Plastic Corp carries an extensive line of storage bins also bin racks. Carry a variety sizes and also colors from the small plastic bin to store parts to the full system bin rack with large storage bins. Plastic Corp carries many name brand storage bins and also racks including Akrobins from Akro-Mils, Quantum and LEWISBins

Features Of Plastic Bin Rack

  • Long-Lasting
  • Clutter-Free
  • More Productivity
  • Versatility

Advantages Of Plastic Bin Rack

  • Plastic storage containers are ideal for any business with large-scale storage and shipping needs. They are commonly use by entities that deal with bakeries, seafood, confectionery, electronics and food processing.
  • A well-organized working space permits the staff to access each item in a hassle-free manner. The label holders allow easy identification of items in a store or warehouse. It helps the staff to manage the inventory effectively.
  • Most plastic storage bins and containers are stackable. The interlocking pieces can be rearranged to fit any space that needs extra storage. When each item in the inventory is organized systematically, it will keep all clutter out of sight.
  • The new solid polyethylene racks has excellent strength and will maintain its strength over its useful life. Better stability and interlocking allow the plastic bins to stack up to 13 bins high.
  • Plastic bin racks are  lighter than steel racks. Less bin weight reduces plastic bin rack weight. Lighter bins rack are also easier to handle or move.


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