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It is extremely essential to store valuable documents and assets when not in use. Any company requires some kind of storage units to store their expensive articles. Basic storage units are good options but they often can’t hold many items, forcing you to occupy floor space. Mobile racking systems are the best way to store many items without using much space.

Since mobile racking units are compact they do not occupy much space and can store many items easily without much effort. Libraries are small in size but they store thousands of books with the help of storage units, but these storage units occupy a lot of space, leaving no room for people to access the books.

Mobile racking saves lot of space, as it features shelves pushed against each other with enough space for people to access aisles easily. The racks are movable and therefore one aisle is always accessible. Since mobile racking units are on rollers they can be moved effortlessly.

Mobile racking units are also used for medical file storage at hospitals, to hold records at police stations, and legal and financial documents are also stored in them.

Invest in mobile racking for effective space saving storage.

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Mobile Record Room Rack

  • Compact archival shelving system.
  • Made with pure steel.
  • Epoxy powder coated which avoid rust and corrosion.
  • Ideally suitable for banks, govt institutes and offices.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Available in different customized sizes.
  • Ideal for heavy work load.
  • Excellent storage capacity for archival documents .
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