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Garage Floor Racking/Mezzanine Floor Racking create additional space also can apply in nearly any building. Giving your plans space means being able to switch easily between under capacity and overcapacity and also between expanding and contracting. Garage Floor Racking, Mezzanine Floor Racking

In Garage Floor Racking/Mezzanine Floor Racking supported system the floor is place on top of, or between the existing racking. The floor beams hook directly in to the shelving units and also are secure with a locking pin. This results in a secure as well as strong connection between the floorboards and the racking. The floor itself is made of 38 mm thick chipboard floor panels along with a tongue and groove connection, slid together and secured to the floor beams with screws. Again you can choose to use steel gratings should local safety guidelines not allow chipboard floors.

Advantages of Garage Floor Racking/Mezzanine Floor Racking

  • Additional space without expensive building extensions or costly moving
  • Quick to install
  • Easy reusable
  • Includes stairs, handrails, tilt gates and lighting
  • Subdivide the additional space  with partitioning walls, screen walls, modular racking and dropped ceilings.

Garage Floor Racking /Mezzanine Floor Racking   Specification

  • Maximum load up to 2.000 kg/m²
  • Maximum span between columns up to 8m
  • Underside of the floor panels is white, for maximal light reflection
  • 3 types depending on the situation


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