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Heavy Duty Pallet rack is a material handling storage system designed to store materials on pallets. Although there are many varieties of pallet racking, all types allow for the storage of palatalized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.

Pallet racking is a storage system for large quantities of materials, in which objects are placed on large shelves with transport platform underneath them for easy lifting by fork lifter. All types of pallet racking increase storage of goods. Costs associated with the racking increases with increasing storage of goods.

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack

Ideal for bulk load pallet stacking.

Made with pure steel.

Epoxy powder coated, which avoid rust and corrosion.

Ideal for easy pallet access and bulk load storage on pallets.

Maximum storage capacity even in less space.

Available in different customized sizes.

Ideal for heavy work load.

Adjustable shelves as per actual needs .

Heavy Duty Pallet Rack
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