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 Book Center Rack Provides you best load capacity for your book storage. You can store books on shelves and these shelves can be fit up and down depends on your requirement. It is available in standard size but can also modify per requirement.The wall book shelves are made of good quality wood material, surface has painting finish that keeps wall shelf modern look. Decorations are not included.

A sample of Book Center Rack and Wall Book Shelves

Book Center Rack are designed to provides you more space for your Stationary shop. Customers can easily look around the Center Rack to choose their required books and also other stationary items.It can be modify with your order.

Book Center Rack with Slotted Angle provides you best solution for your stationary warehouse storage. You can also store your heavy weight books and boxes of your warehouse on book center rack and wall book shelves. It is specially design to bear the maximum load we can also provide in all kind of sizes depends on your requirements.

Features of Book Center Rack :

  • They are easy to assemble and dissemble
  • You can combine Gondola Racks with a number of accessories.
  • You can enjoy versatility with Gondola Racks.
  • Gondola Shelving doesn’t cost you a fortune.
  • Increased Shelving with Optimum Flexibility.
  • Strategic Placement of Goods

Advantages of Wall Book Shelves :

  • First:

With the help of book center rack You can easily install gondola racking yourself without the need to hire anybody. You do have the option to hire someone else to install it of course, and since it’s so quick and simple to install, it won’t cost you too much at all if you hire someone.


  • Second:

Want to display your products in a more attractive way to make more sales? You can get a range of accessories with wall book shelves that can help you do this. You can get hooks to hang your products from, wire baskets to hold your goods in, specialized magazine racks, as well as hanging clips, shelf dividers, and more.

  • Third:

With gondola racking you can adjust your shelves at a variety of different heights, depths, or shelf numbers to optimize the display of your products for maximum exposure and sales. You can even use book center racks for your shelving at an angle to display your goods better. It also use fencing to stop your products falling down. And since gondola shelving is so easy disassemble and assemble. You can easily change the way you display your products at any time by the virtue of book center rack.

  • Fourth:

The best thing of all about gondola racking is that you won’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy all these benefits, so it definitely does makes a sound investment for your shop.

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