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Home use trolley is also called kitchen serving food Trolleys . A kitchen Trolley is a small vehicle with wheels that can carry things. People can push kitchen serving food Trolleys. kitchen serving Food Trolley is a small Trolleys use traditionally in the house for plates, cups, saucers and sandwiches and cakes for afternoon tea. Home Use Trolleys are also use in hospitals and offices to take cups of tea and coffee to people.
Home Use Trolleys, kitchen Trolley and Food Trolley


Features Of Home Use Trolleys Kitchen serving food Trolleys

  • Rust proof
  • Quality assured
  • Cost effective
  • Sturdy construction
  • Highly demanded
  • Reasonable price

Advantages Of Home Use Kitchen Trolley

  • Easy to assemble and store

 kitchen serving food trolleys are easy to assemble and also the packing for these trolleys are flat and the assembling does not require professionals. Even first timers can do it easily and swiftly. These trolleys can also be folded and that decreases the space for storage of the trolley. So, it’s better to go with the preeminent store for Stainless Steel Medical Trolleys.

  • Hygiene kitchen serving food  Trolleys

The kitchen serving food trolleys provide a hygienic also sterilized environment. Home Use Trolleys also do not require a lot of maintenance like the wooden ones do in order to keep them bug, microbe and insect free.

  • Customization

In case the kitchen serving food trolley needs to completely weld, that too can be done. Also, If the you has a unique requirement or needs trolleys matching certain dimensions or criteria, even that can do with ease.

Types Of Home Use Food Trolley

  • Tandem Box

Tandem Box Channels are good 2” to 2.5” thick channels. They function like soft close channels. The side portion is made of Stainless steel. They are available in 3 basic colors, white, grey and S.S finish. Especially, these kind of channels are best for drawers where maximum storage or weight is expect.

  • Basket Trolleys

Baskets/Home Use Trolleys for kitchen cabinets are either made out of wood or S.S. But due to easy cleaning and maintenance, most home owners prefer Serving trolleys. Furthermore, there are different kitchen food serving trolley designs that help home owners keep utensils in well behaved way.

  • Cup-n-Saucer Trolley

Here you can keep Cups and saucers. This drawers usually have caudry channel of Hettich brand which is soft close channel.

  • Thali Basket

Food Trolley like Thali can keep you plates, thalis, lids, trays, etc. which are almost flat or with very little thickness

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