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Medium Duty Trolleys  are designed to bear the medium load. These trolleys are specially made for warehouse storage. It is available in standard size but can made as client’s required load capacity. Medium Duty Trolleys operate and designed for use on smaller and low-cycling industrial standard lift sectional doors. 

There are places where goods need to be taken to the targeted industries or for handling equipment at workplaces. Here a trolley can be used to lift those goods to the targeted places or can be used to list heavy goods in a workshop or used to handle them.

Features of Medium Duty Trolleys 

  • Fully welded frame gives maximum strength. Reinforced uprights
  • Extra wide (500mm) frame to support larger loads
  • Ergonomically designed top and rear handle rails offer better comfort and control
  • Wide toe (510mm) allows for easy loading and unloading of boxed loads and cartons
  • Designed to lay back in the rest position to assist with tilting during use
  • Ideal for transporting boxes, crates, cartons and furniture
  • Foam filled flat free tyres so you will never have to pump up the tyres again
  • Wagen trolleys have a powder coated finish because it is the most durable
  • This Medium Duty Platform Trolley is extensively used for moving heavy goods and is extensively used in airports and railway stations.
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