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Gondola Racks are freestanding fixtures used by retailers to display merchandise Gondola Shelving typically consists of a flat base and a vertical component featuring notches, pegboards, or slat walls. The vertical piece can be fitted with shelves, hooks, or other displays. Gondola Racks placed end-to-end can form rows of gondola shelving while stand-alone gondolas tend to be used for special themed gondola displays.

Double Side Gondola rack

Double Side Gondola rack

Advantages of Double-Sided Gondola Racks:

Increased Product Visibility:

Double-sided gondola racks offer 360-degree product visibility, allowing retailers to showcase a larger range of merchandise.

Versatile Store Layout:

One of the key advantages of double-sided gondola racks is their versatile in-store layout design. These racks can be strategically positioned to create distinct shopping zones or pathways within the store.

Enhanced Product Variety:

The extensive shelving of double-sided gondola racks provides ample room for displaying various product categories and sizes. Retailers can showcase complementary items or feature-related products side by side, encouraging cross-selling opportunities.

Double Side Gondola Rack

Features of Double-Sided Gondola Racks:

Sturdy Construction:

Double-sided gondola racks are built with durable materials such as steel or aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance. The robust construction can support heavy loads and withstand the demands of a retail environment.

Adjustable Shelving:

To accommodate different product sizes and configurations, double-sided gondola racks often feature adjustable shelves. Retailers can easily modify the height and positioning of shelves to create customized display arrangements.

Attractive Aesthetics:

Double-sided gondola racks are designed to enhance the visual appeal of store displays. They often feature sleek and modern designs, available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Easy Assembly and Maintenance:

 Most double-sided gondola racks are designed for quick and straightforward assembly. They come with easy-to-follow instructions and require minimal tools or expertise.

Double Side Gondola Rack

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