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Features of Plastic Shopping Basket

  • Shopping trolley basket with two handles.
  • Easily stack-able.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Ideally suitable for marts, departmental stores.
  • Made with PVC.
  • Ideal for customer who need to buy small stuff.
  • Standard capacity 27 liters.
  • Durable and comfortable for retail environment.
  • Custom Design
  • Responsive Designs also
  • A Safer Choice
  • Designed for Success
  • Improved shopping experience – lighter, more manageable.
  • Safer –  because the are made of plastic, the risk of injury and damage through collisions is minimised
  • Better looking – brighter colors, cleaner, rust free – it all makes your store look better and helps to promote your brand

Advantages of Plastic Shopping Basket

  • Any decor and superior construction conveys quality to your customers. 
  •  The one piece heavy duty plastic basket can be molded with up to 10 colors. All plastic baskets, handles have UV added protection.
  • Areas for store name and logo.
  • Will not rust, bend, need welding in metal parts, and heavy duty design will not crack.
  • Free design offered as long as you requested.
  • Larger lower area welded lower tray for bulk products 50% more selling space.
  • Plastic shopping baskets with wheels is easy to pull, save the energy.
  • Plastic carts are less likely to be stolen and will reduce your loss in high theft areas.
  • Carts are made in China in reasonable price.
Put here little detail about your inquiry, like required item and load capacity.
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